Coral Reef Web Sites:
Maintaining a reef aquarium is a great hobby. But there's a lot to learn if you want to keep those corals, invertebrates and fish alive. The Internet is an excellent vehicle for information. Here are some of the sites we have found to have excellent information. If you find any of the links are broken, please notify us.

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Reef Aquarium Guide
Aquarium Hobbyist
Advance Aquarist Online Magazine

Reef Central MASLAC Forum
An alternative to our Yahoo Group messages, courtesy of Reef Central.

Southern California Marine Aquarium Society. Xlnt reefers club. Based in Orange County, CA. Sister to MASLAC.

Reefkeeping website with discussions, articles, chats, etc.

Wet Web Media
Xlnt site from the author of The Conscientious Marine Aquarist. Articles, pictures, FAQ's and more.

Marine Specialities International
Coral importers and propagators. They're very careful about where their corals and fish come from, and they maintain high quality holding tanks. Lots of information about propagation and news about coral reefs.

San Diego Marine Aquarium Society. Reefers club based in San Diego.

Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of the Bay Area. Club site with articles, pictures and lots of San Francisco area events.

Reefers FAQ
Articles on water quality, filtration, lighting, stockingm etc.

Aquarium Net
Hundreds of articles on reefing plus a mailing list. Netscape Only.

Fish Link Central
Articles, pictures, databases, etc. on reefing, freshwater, ponds.

Reef Newsgroup FAQ's
FAQ's put together for rec.aquaria.marine.reefs, an xlnt newsgroup for discussions.

Fish Information Service (FINS)
Archive of information about aquariums; both saltwater and fresh.

Research organization with info on propagation, substrate, etc.

J. Charles Delbeeks
Co-author of The Reef Aquarium, Volumes 1 & 2 and scores of articles.
Reef Aquarium Index

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