July 4, 2007
Anthony Calfo

First and foremost, our speaker is none other than ANTHONY CALFO. Anthony Calfo was born in Hawaii and lives in Pennsylvania. He is a lifelong aquarist and an aquarium industry professional that has worked the better part of the last decade as a commercial coral farmer and wholesaler, producing cultured reef invertebrates in a greenhouse environment for the ornamental and zoological trade. Anthony has authored the reef aquarium books, "Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1" ( &“Reef Invertebrates”, and numerous articles for print and electronic journals at large.He travels frequently to visit organizations and clubs to present information on theaquatic sciences. Anthony co-founded the Pittsburgh Marine Aquarist Society with theinimitable Bob Dolan. Schooled at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University ofPittsburgh, he has degree in English Literature Anthony will give us an education under the stars at the HAASienda in Chatsworth.   Therewill be FOOD, FUN, FRIVOLITY and a FANTASTIC discourse on fish and coral andreef tanks.  

This IS NOT TO BE MISSED – REALLY NOT TO BE MISSED. The menu will include, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Boca Burgers, veggies, fruit, salad,and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.   There is a $5 cost per person for members andmembers’ families WITH ADVANCE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT (PayPalHere), $10 per person for guests and $10 at the door.   Please sign up in advance so wehave enough food and enough seating.   This is the Event of the Year for MASLAC.For anyone who comes early – around 5:00 – we are going to have a FRAG SWAP.   Sobring anything you’d like to swap with a fellow member and see what comes of that.   Thereare usually some great corals to be had.There will be a FABOOOLOUS (like Corinthian leather, darling) AUCTION, which mayinclude another Bermuda Aquatics Skimmer, maybe a chiller, just the wet your appetite.The happenings will begin at 5:00.

If you’re inclined to swim, bring something to wear (ornot).   Everything will be outdoors, so dress appropriately.  Next, we’ve scheduled our BEHIND THE SCENES AT SEA WORLD for Saturday, July 28, at 10:30 A.M.   All are welcome.   There is no age limit – up or down – so bring yourkids, spouse, significant other, BUT REGISTER ASAP because the tour is for 25 PEOPLE.
The first 25 will be reserved on a First Come/First Served basis. I’ve already got 21 people registered, so get your registration in today.   The cost is $12 per person ( or pay at the July meeting. At the time of publication 21 people have signed up.

April 14, 2007

Tank Presentations by Greg Carroll from SCMAC and member Lars Dugaiczyk

March 10, 2007

Leslie Harris, Collection Manager, Polychaetes of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County on worms and critters found in a reefWe enjoyed it and took away some unique knowledge. 

February 10, 2007

Roundtable discussion led by Lynne Laurita on How to Maintain Our Tanks.

January 13, 2007

Warden Struble, from the California Fish & Game Department gave us an education on the various species of caulerpa and what is banned in California and why. For more information see the California Fish & Game Department website.

Greg Bachayan presented his aquariums, a 180 gallon and a 24 gallon nano.

Kong presented his Therme Auto Boost Power Saver.

President Dave P gave us an interesting dissertation on plumbing, assisted by Dave B, and a lively interaction with the members.

December 9, 2006

Christmas Party at the Warehouse Restaurant in Marina Del Rey

Tullio, the president of ARAD (Aquarium Research and Development) on new lighting technologies for Marine Aquariums including the latest in LED lighting systems for Coral Tanks.

November 18, 2006 (moved from Nov. 11)

Adam Blundell on "What is Reef Safe?"

Presentation of candidates and election for the 2007 MASLAC Board of Directors

MASLAC Logo Contest

October 14, 2006

Tank Presentation: Tom Clarke

Featured Speaker: Sarah Lardizabal, on Seagrasses and Lagoon Aquarium Systems. Sarah, who goes by the handle "Samala" on Reef Central, has authored several articles on the identification, selection, husbandry of Seagrasses for aquariums in Reef Keeping, Conscientious Aquarist, and other publications. She is widely agreed to be one of the most experienced seagrass keepers in the hobby today, and has mentored many fellow hobbyists with their efforts at keeping these unique plants in marine aquariums. Check out her website ( for more of her unique information on seagrasses.

September 9, 2006

Tank Presentation: Virginia Causton Keene

Featured Speaker: Randy Reed from Reed Mariculture on Live Foods for the Reef Aquarium

August 12, 2006

Tank Presentation: Ken Lunde

Featured Speaker: Randy from So Cal Creations, manufacturers of custom acrylic aquariums.

Special Thanks to John Warner from Warner Marine and Jim Newman from Makin' Waves for stopping by to talk about their businesses.

July 15, 2006

Speaker: Adelaide Rhodes AKA "Pod Girl" on pods- their care, importance and abundance. Adelaide gave us a great presentation showing us how to tell the different main types of copepods apart, and how to select the best types to culture for our tanks. We got to see extreme closeups and what happens on pod prom night!

Thanks to Francesca for donating two tanks for the raffle.

June 10, 2006

I'm glad that everyone had a great time Saturday night at MASLAC's Summer BBQ! We received so many positive comments about the event; it was nice to hear.

This event would not have been possible without the hard work and support of your fellow MASLAC members:

Dave B.- Thanks for letting us invade Chateau Botwin for the event!

Ted and Nadine- for fearlessly manning the grill all night...I hear that McDonalds is hiring...Or Hot Dog on A Stick (think about the groovy hats!)...

Dave P.- for making sure that we had all of those chairs for planting our butts on!

Dennis- for another great raffle and providing some cool drinks to was down the food!

Ken Uy- for helping everyone hit their maximum daily caloric intake goals with the DIY ice cream sundae bar (Is that counted as a MASLAC DIY Project?)

Chuck Moon- for making us all appreciate our next-door neighbors just a bit more! A great presentation!

Lance R.- for providing the tank for the raffle!

Former President Jonn Foster- for brightening everyone's day!

Thanks to everyone for helping clean up Dave's place! And a very special thanks to all of our members; without you, there would be no MASLAC!

Scott Fellman

May 13, 2006

Speaker: Chris Turnier of Reefermadness
Tank Presentation: Lars Dugaiczyk

Another great meeting! The entire evening was entertaining and informative. Thank you Chris Turnier of Reefermadness and MASLAC members Lars Dugaiczyk and Kong Ho for the presentations.

Lars' presentation only proves that you don't need the latest, greatest equipment to have a nice tank, and a great sense of humor.

Also, a huge thank you to Chris Turnier/Reefermadness for the frags donated to the clubs raffle!

April 8, 2006

Curt Pansegrau, owner of Neptune Systems (the manufacturer of the AquaController product line) came to the meeting to supported a round table discussion on aquarium automation.

Dave Burr talked to us about his on-line and store front business, Vivid Aquariums.

March 11, 2006

Field Trip: Behind the Scenes at The Aquarium of the Pacific

We got to feed the fish and had a ton of fun!
Thank you to Ken Lunde and Greg Rothschild for some great pictures.

February 11, 2006

Well, as predicted, another awesome meeting. There were so many in attendance it was hard to count but it was over 55!

WavySea started things off with a presentation on their new SCWD. Then Walt Smith talked about his Fiji Mud and Fiji Gold products. After that, Helmut Delbelius presented portions of his newly published Fish Atlas. Finally, Dennis Schneider conducted another successful raffle for prizes including gift certificates from several online vendors, a calcium reactor, a skimmer, a U-V light and more.

Thanks to all of the sponsors including Coralife, Aqua-C, Walt Smith and many more and a special thanks for MarineDepot for the opportunity to hear Helmut Debelius speak on reef fishes.

January 14, 2006

What an great meeting. Definitely different! Dennis Schneider presented his skimmerless, reactorless, sumpless tank with a 1-2" sandbed and live rock! Awesome color.

CORAL was a lot of fun. A great way to break the ice and a great way to introduce the new members to the returning members! Also, a different way to raise money for the club and give away some awesome prizes.

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