Brent Higa
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The tank is a 385g flat back hex design, with a 40 gallon sump and 29 gallon refugium. I have 4 400w 10k xm and 4 110 w super actinic vho bulbs. Cirulation and filtration is driven by a ampmaster 3600 which returns through 2 1" bulkheads through the rear and also drives my 60" Lifereef skimmer. I only use a 50 micron mesh bag in the sump for filtration and also dose ozone. For circulation inside the tank are 4 seio 820's. As far as additives I only use my calcium K2R reactor, no other additives are added The current setup has been up for about 5 years, I had a crash and lost about 30 clonies of sps in January due to my mishap with a DIY chiller. But saved what I could and have been collecting since. I joined Maslac in April 2004 and have attended every meeting so far. I try to get aquacultured colonies as much as possible, but am willing to rescue corlas from stores that you know can't keep them alive long enough to be sold.